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Product Worthy

How To Create and sell your first digital product

In this digital workshop you’ll learn How to CREATE and sell your first digital product to generate revenue and position yourself as an expert online!

a long, long time ago…

In 2012 to be exact…  I created my first digital product as a way to duplicate myself and free up some of my time.  Little did I know that first product paved the way for the hundreds of digital products that would create freedom in my business and generate revenue for me on a consistent basis.

Here’s the thing…  I don’t come from a technical background, I didn’t even take any business classes in college.  I figured this all out on my own – the hard way.

Learn from my mistakes… Just because I did things the hard way, doesn’t mean you have to.  I created this entire course to walk you through how to easily create and sell your digital products online.

You can create and sell your very own products even if you don’t have a website or a list of people waiting to buy from you. Not only will your products position you as an expert, but it’s great business too.

Wow, are you excited yet?

I can’t wait to cheer you on as you create your products and sell them to your customers.

“LeShawnda makes it really easy for anyone to create products online.”

— Alexia Thompson, Lazy Girl Hair Care


Product Worthy Template

I created a super easy plug and play template that you can use as your digital product, simply plug in your content and you’re done..

Digital Product Tools Guide

Don’t know what tools to use? No worries.  I give you the exact tools I use to take the guesswork out of which tools you need to create, host and launch your digital products & Yes, I show you how to set it all up! (I’m spilling all my tech secrets).

The Blueprint

The blueprint to easily create your first digital product (as long as you do the work, you will have a product you can sell before  you leave the training).

Product Creation Checklist

Easily Check off items as you complete them.

My Secret Sauce

Learn how to position yourself as an expert now (even before you’ve created your product).

I’m also sharing the strategies I use to connect with people who have been waiting for your solution to their biggest problem. (hint: they’re not who you think they are.

Lifetime access and updates

That’s right! You’ll have lifetime access and updates to the trainings.

Is this for me?

This Course if for you if.

  • Yes.  You’re ready to learn how to create your product
  • Yes.  You’re ready to package your product
  • Yes.  You’re ready to price and sell your product (Cha – ching)
  • Yes.  You’re ready to position yourself as the go to expert in the process

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Create your First digital product now.

It’s time

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When does Product Worthy Start & Finish?

Product Worthy is a completely self-paced 3 part course series.  You have lifetime access to this training, so you get to decide when you begin.

How long do I have access to this course?

You have unlimited lifetime access for the life of this course.  You’ll also receive any updates or additions to the course as well.

What if I am a beginner and don't have a tech background?

This class is perfect for beginners.  I walk you through the entire product planning, creation and implementation phase.  I also walk you through tech tools step by step and show you exactly how to use them.  All you have to do is show up and do the work.

What if I am having buyers remorse and would like a refund

Please make sure that you are ready to create your digital product before you enroll in this course.   Since this is an information product and delivery of knowledge cannot be reversed, we will not issue any refunds.