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Ready to start your online business.

I teach you how.

I’m not one of those coaches where coaching is my online business.  I’ve actually owned and operated 2 successful online businesses and I’m ready to help you do the same!


Are you ready to thrive online?…

Heck Yeah…  But  Wait?  You want to start, but you don’t know where or how.  Now, It’s just too much and too many things.  Do you need an email list?  Do you need to automate?  Do you need to create some products?  Do you need to package them?  Do you need to sell them?  Do you need to build an audience?

Well…Yes!.  But you don’t have to do it alone (or all at once).

I am LeShawnda Fitzgerald and I built my online businesses from the ground up.  I had very little money at the time so I literally just had to figure it all out. It took me a lot of time and a lot of energy, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Will it still be a lot of work?

Im gonna be completely honest here.  Yes!  and there will be a huge learning curve at first.  Having a thriving online business is not something that can be built over night.  Seriously, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  However, I can show you how to start so that you can begin generating revenue while you are putting all the other pieces together. (Be extra gentle with yourself in the process).

Plus I teach you the fundamentals of an online business.  I teach you everything I know to automate, create, sell and which tools to use makes the process so much easier.

I created Launch and Thrive to for everything your online business needs to work behind the scenes. We dive deep into automation and creation tools and show you how to implement them into your business model.

Wow, are you excited yet?

Are you ready to finally turn your expertise into a business with things that you can actually sell?  Click below to enroll in Thrive today.


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You Get Access To All The Courses and trainings In My Digital Course Library

Launch Tools Guide

Got Tools? We Dive Deep into all the online tools with in depth explanations of how to use them.

Launch Templates Galore

Get all my templates…everything from automation copy to digital product creation.

Launch Q&A

Get answers to your online business questions inside your Launch course dashboard.  Launch members also get 25% off Live Thrive Training Sessions.

New Content & Updates

I create new content all the time to keep your business thriving.

Thrive Members

Thrive Members get Access to my members only Facebook Group, Exclusive Live Training Sessions and Live Q&A’s, Hands On Workshops and all access to Launch trainings and resources.

Is this for me?

Are you ready to create an online business but don’t where to start.  If you can answer:

  • Yes.  I’m ready to automate my business.
  • Yes.  I’m ready to create amazing digital products for my audience.
  • Yes.  I’m ready to package those products and position myself as an expert.

Then Launch is For You.

Need next level support?

Then Thrive. Thrive is our online group coaching mastermind where we have weekly work sessions, monthly strategy and training sessions along with Live Q and A sessions.  Thrive students get first access to trainings along with more support as we work through them.

Ready?  Click Below to Join Thrive Today!

The time is now.

You’re ready for this.  Create A Thriving Online Business!




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  • Discount on live trainings (20% off)
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  • Everything from Launch plus
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No Contract! No Commitment! Cancel anytime!


If I enroll in Launch now, but find I need more support, Can I enroll in Thrive?

Yes.  You can upgrade or downgrade your program anytime.  I must note we don’t pro-rate any portion of the program, so it may work best to upgrade or downgrade at the beginning of your next month.

Is there a magic pill ?

Doing the work is not magic (well it kinda is), but the bottom line is you have to do it.  We make it super easy for you to (online access, step by step trainings) but you have to actually take them AND implement.

Are there additional things I'll need to buy?

There are tools that make an online business work.  Many of these tools do require monthly recurring memberships that are separate from our membership fees.

Why would I use this?

Well… if you’re looking to create an online business or monetize your online brand then you’d want to know HOW right?  This program teaches you.

What if I need to cancel?

We’d definitely hate to see you go, but we understand things happen.  Hopefully, you’re leaving because you implemented every single thing and your business is a success.

Should you ever need to cancel, you can do by logging in and in your dashboard click the account section.  Simply click cancel and just like that it’s done.